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Journal of Buddhist-Christian Studies


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BUDDHIST-CHRISTIAN STUDIES is a scholarly journal published annually by University of Hawai’i Press. It presents articles, book reviews, and news items on the relationship between Buddhism and Christianity. The articles selected for publication address both historical and contemporary topics, ranging from speculative reflections on classical texts and religious-cultural artifacts to the explorations of Buddhist and Christian practice today. The journal is open to a variety of methodologies, including comparative theology and religious studies, and accepts submissions from authors of any or no religious/denominational background. In selecting articles for publications, value is placed on the relevance of the content, the clarity of presentation, and its overall significance for interreligious understanding. Manuscripts should be prepared for electronic editing and typesetting. All articles are subject to anonymous peer review before acceptance and may receive editorial modifications in the course of publications. Contributions should be in English; prospective authors can find University of Hawai’i publication guidelines here

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Journal Editors

Thomas Cattoi

Carol Anderson


Editorial Board

Francis X. Clooney  

Catherine Cornille 

Ruben Habito

Elizabeth Harris 

Eiko Kawamura-Hanaoka 

Sallie King

Paul Knitter 

Leo Lefebure 

Carolyn Jones Medine  

Judith Simmer-Brown