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2018 Year in Review

2018 was a big year for SBCS, with our annual meeting held at the American Academy of Religions in Denver and participation in the Parliament of the World’s Religions just a few weeks earlier. Read about the year in review in our two newsletters, published in the spring and fall.

Our journal editors also have announced the publication of the most recent issue of Buddhist-Christian Studies (published November 18). This issue includes more than a dozen essays that grew from a conference on Ippolito Desideri and is one of the largest issues published in recent memory.


SBCS Board Members in Denver (November 2018): (left to right) Jonathan Seitz (Newsletter Editor), Paul Swanson (International Advisor), Mark Unno (Board Member), John Sheveland (Treasurer), Kristin Largen (President), Hsiao-Lan Hu (Board Member), Judith Simmer-Brown (Chair of Social Media Committee), Sandra Kunz (Secretary), Thomas Cattoi (Journal Co-Editor), Abraham Velez (Streng Award Co-Chair), Leo Lefebure (Vice-President)




My name is Jonathan Seitz and I teach at Taiwan Graduate School of Theology, via the Presbyterian Church (USA). I've been interested in Buddhist-Christian studies since an undergrad year in Beijing. In addition to editing SBCS's newsletters and editing the News & Views section for our journal, Buddhist Christian Studies, I will also run a section here where we people are free to post informational items.

We welcome announcements in blog format to share about upcoming events or activities. These announcements may be:

·      About academic conferences, consultations or events

·      About activities for practitioners, religious communities or activists

·      About upcoming resources (new journals, books, etc.)

·      Eulogies or memorials

In general these should be community events or resources, not ads or information on products. You can contact us via email or the contact form.

Jonathan Seitz